Things have not changed here: the ancient tradition and care in choosing the ingredients and making the GUBANA have remained unaltered. The cake was first created in the peaceful green Valleys of River Natisone in Eastern Friuli, lying on the border with Slovenia. You can reach us on the road 54, which lines the River Natisone from Cividale to Ponte S. Quirino. Drive on towards S. Pietro al Natisone, then follow the road for a few km until you reach the village of Pulfero. Continue for about 1 km and you'll get to Loch. Our plant is on the left, below the main square.

di Blasutig Dennis,
Via Loch 45,
33046 Pulfero (UDINE)
tel. e fax: 0432.726270
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GUBANA CEDARMAS di Blasutig Dennis,Via Loch 45, 33046 Pulfero UD _ tel. e fax: 0432.726270 _ P.Iva 02452260306
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