The origins of the GUBANA are lost in time. The early name of this cake in the local dialect was GUBANZA, then Italianized as GUBANA. With time, this typical cake, originally rated as a holiday relish for poor people, has turned to everyday consumption, eaten for breakfast, a snack or after a meal.

You are recommended to keep the cake in a warm place for a few hours before serving. To enjoy all the scents and flavours of this cake, do not add anything and match it with a glass of Tocai friulano or a sweet white wine. For grappa lovers, we suggest to have gubana as a dessert and pour a few drops of Slivowitz on it. Traditionally, this cake was offered as a welcome gift by the wedding couple to their guests. Today, it makes an ideal present for any happy event. The gubana is made with simple wholesome ingredients which have been handed by the farmers' tables to the banquets of the Popes, dukes and patriarchs. A Gubana was offered to Pope Gregory XII when he visited Cividale in 1409.

The original Gubana from the Valleys of Natisone is made with leavened pastry, not puff pastry, and is stuffed with different fruit for about half its weight, as well as with some premium distillates in fair doses. The result is a savoury, light and digestible cake for people of all ages.
A Gubana differs from other desserts for many respects: it is made with carefully selected natural wholesome ingredients; it is nourishing because it includes meal and sugar; it is rich in vitamins and essences drawn from the fruit.
At home or for an outdoor party, in the mountains or at the seaside, in summer or winter, a Gubana will add a surge of freshness, original aromas, rich unmistakable flavours.

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